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About Thriving Young Minds

Welcome to Thriving Young Minds! This started out as a hope, 17 years ago when I began my training, to provide counselling for children and young people and support them to develop their best possible future. Following a career full of working with inspirational people, continually developing my knowledge and skills, it has become a passion.

Every client has their own story, whether they have had difficult experiences or find certain aspects of life hard to manage, they are all on a journey of wanting to be the best they can be. Enabling young people to address difficulties before they are carried into adulthood and magnify or perpetuate is so important. The support they access should be of the highest quality to reinforce their self-belief and confidence.

My own journey has led to me counselling children, young people and adults in many different settings, from education to workplaces, as far away as Australia with young homeless people. Each experience, every training course, each person I have met along the way has led me to where I am today – being the best that I can be and making my hope a reality.

Our Mission

Thriving Young Minds has a simple mission – to provide a high quality, ethical counselling service to children and young people, one that I would be happy for my own children to access. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, each client should feel heard and valued, with the confidence that they are treated as an individual.

Please have a look around the website and feel free to contact me to discuss anything further.

Adele Clayton. Qualified Children and Young People's Therapist, Ramsbottom, Bury

Adele ClaytonFounder of Thriving Young Minds

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