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About Thriving Young Minds

Welcome to Thriving Young Minds! This started out as a hope, 17 years ago when I began my training, to provide high quality counselling for children and young people and support them to develop their best possible future. Following a career full of working with inspirational people, continually developing my knowledge and skills, it has become a passion.

We know the value for young people of processing past experiences, enhancing their resilience, improving their confidence and establishing productive coping strategies to help them to thrive rather than just survive. We also know the importance of secure attachments within families to enable this to happen.

We provide counselling, play therapy and family therapy for children and young people aged 4-21, using a wealth of experience from different settings. We work from our room in Ramsbottom or can provide our service in schools or colleges. Areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, bereavement, loss, identity, intrusive thoughts, dealing with abuse, trauma, confidence, self-harm and family or relationship difficulties. By providing the understanding and acceptance needed they can strengthen their roots and flourish in their unique way.

Every client has their own story, whether they have had difficult experiences or find certain aspects of life hard to manage, they are all on a journey of wanting to be the best they can be. Enabling young people to address difficulties before they are carried into adulthood and magnify or perpetuate is so important. The support they access should be of the highest quality to reinforce their self-belief and confidence.

Our Mission

Thriving Young Minds has a simple mission – to provide a high quality, ethical therapeutic service to children, young people and families, one that I would be confident for my own children to access. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, each client is heard, valued and treated as an individual.

Please have a look around the website and feel free to contact me to discuss anything further.

Adele Clayton. Qualified Children and Young People's Therapist, Ramsbottom, Bury

Adele ClaytonFounder of Thriving Young Minds

Why Choose Us

As client-centred therapists the belief is  that each young person has the ability to manage the issues they face. By encouraging clients to take ownership of their situation they can find ways to achieve their aims. Being trained and experienced in various counselling approaches allows the support provided to be best suited to each young person.

Following 15 years of providing counselling in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, we have gained a wealth of experience and contacts. Common issues counselling is provided for are difficulties around family relationships, friendships, bullying, confidence, transitions, gender identity, sexuality, bereavement, loss, trauma, intimate relationships, dealing with change, stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal or intrusive thoughts and eating disorders. With Thriving Young Minds you can have peace of mind that you will get a high quality counselling using a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

An assessment session gives both the client, and where appropriate, their caregiver, the opportunity to talk about what they would like to achieve through counselling. It allows you to talk with the counsellor about how you can work together in the most effective way. Client confidentiality is taken very seriously and in this session clear boundaries are explained for what we will and will not keep confidential to ensure client safety. This allows the young person to feel safe to explore their thoughts and feelings. Where caregivers are involved, we will discuss how they can provide ongoing support.

Young people often find it tricky to be open and talk about their feelings. By using play and creative therapy, we can enter into the young person’s world and see life through their eyes. Some ways of working don’t suit everyone so it is a priority to get to know what would be most effective for each client so you can rest assured you are getting bespoke counselling for your circumstances.

Being BACP registered means that counsellors have achieved a high level of training and experience and are committed to ongoing development. It also involves a commitment to working in an ethical way, ensuring the needs of the client are protected. Having monthly clinical supervision means that the service offered to young people is regularly monitored and enhanced. By regularly attending professional development courses, attending local meetings and monitoring local and national developments, our knowledge and skills are maintained at all times.

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