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Play Therapy

Play Therapy
Play Therapy is a developmentally sensitive way of supporting children and young people who are experiencing any social, emotional or behavioural difficulty. It allows them to communicate through their natural medium of expression – play. Through therapeutic play a child is able to identify, work through and resolve emotional conflicts that may be too painful or difficult to express verbally, or are in fact outside of their conscious awareness. The approach encompasses all expressive therapies and utilises therapeutic media such as sand, art, clay, dance and movement, drama, music, and puppets.

Sessions are predominately child led, meaning they have autonomy over the content and pace of their therapy, enabling them to use the time in a way that is most meaningful to them. The therapist will take on an active role in the session, being right alongside your child in the play, interacting as appropriate to facilitate therapeutic content, supporting them to gain insights and understanding into their inner worlds, experiences and emotions.

Key adults in a child’s life may be invited to input into the therapeutic process, such as care givers and school teachers. Regular review meetings will be offered, where information may be discussed as to how a child can continue to be supported by the adults in their life following on from therapy.

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