Shoemakers Court
Ramsbottom, BL0 9FZ

About You

You may be a young person who…

  • Is finding school, college, university or work challenging
  • Is experiencing difficulties with friendships or relationships
  • Feels that nobody understands what is happening for you
  • Has low confidence and self-esteem
  • Has experienced bereavement, loss, trauma or abuse and is unsure of how to move forward
  • Experiences anxiety, low mood, depression, panic attacks or intrusive thoughts
  • Struggles to find effective ways to deal with different situations

You may be a parent or carer who…

  • Has concerns about a child or young person
  • Has tried ways to help a young person manage their thoughts and feelings but feels it is not working
  • Is unsure how to help a young person deal with their thoughts and feelings
  • Feels like a child or young person would benefit from talking to an objective professional
  • Has tried other support but feels that it wasn’t effective

A headteacher, principal or manager who…

  • Has concerns about children or young people in your organisation
  • Would like professional, in-house support to improve your mental health knowledge and wellbeing provision

Whatever your concerns or needs,
please get in touch to discuss how we can provide the best support for you.

Young People’s Therapy

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